New Pilates instructor @ Vivid Pilates

New Pilates Instructor @ Vivid Pilates

Pilates trainer Cleo Soranidou joined Vivid Pilates on 16 May. Cleo is a certified  classical pilates instructor on the mat and apparatus with specialisations on pre and post natal pilates as well as scoliosis. She shares her Pilates story so far with us:

When did you discover Pilates and why do you love it?
While a gym enthusiast, one day 10 years ago I took a Pilates class and it was miraculous; I was hooked! I had never seen such harmonical movements and control of your body in only one hour. I was humbled by how challenging it was for someone as supposedly strong as I was.

When did you train and who trained you?
I am a certified International Pilates and pregnancy Instructor of the original pilates method by AF STUDIES,  certified by Michael King at MK Pilates Barre, Soft Roller and Pilates for Scoliosis. Also certified International Pilates equipment Instructor by Accredited Training Provider EHFA from GRAFTS. And Last but not least certified Instructor in myoskeletal rehabilitation by Katia Vasilenko.

What makes your class special?
I try to give lots of attention to every person and I am incredibly passionate about doing things correctly at each person’s pace. My hope is that my students push their limits one step further each time and leave my class taller and happier.
What is your favorite Pilates exercise and why?
Actually it’s hard to tell because I love all the classical Pilates repertoire. If I had to choose one it would have to be the ‘Roll Over’. It’s quite a challenging exercise and if you try to execute it perfectly then you will feel the control, strength, flow and stretch while articulating your spine.
What exercise is your least favorite?
It doesn’t exist. I adore every single exercise.

What turns you on mentally or physically about the Pilates method?
I love this method because it is addressed to everyone. It challenges every muscle of your body and helps you regain the control of your movement.