New Yoga instructor @ Vivid Pilates

Ludmila is our new Yoga instructor!

Yoga teacher Ludmila Bueno joined Vivid Pilates on 15 September. Ludmila is a certified Yoga Teacher on Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Meditation. This is her story:

When did you discover Yoga and why do you love it?

I honestly never though yoga was for me and my introduction to it came through a Mindfulness Meditation training which included some simple yoga asanas (postures). This was a first turning point in my life, a moment when I realized presence and balance were lacking and so I was missing out on life. Long story short, I left my corporate job and fell in love with this practice that allows a beautiful state of balance, joy and peace.

When did you train and who trained you?

I have recently embarked on a journey to understand the woman and I am on a 300hs Feminine Embodied Awakening teacher training with Tina Nance, this journey will be completed in 2020!

I did my first 200 hs Hatha Yoga teacher training in December 2015 in Rishikesh, India. I truly wanted to learn from one of the places where yoga came from and from Indian local people. Following this training, I trained with Clara Roberts-Oss on Vinyasa sequencing, with Tina Nance on a 100hs Yin Yoga teacher training in Bali and a 50hs Yin Yoga with Joe Barnet. I am currently finishing my 300hs Teacher Training with Ashley Turner in California on a program called Yoga, Psyche, Soul, where we blend the beauty of mind, body and spirit.

What makes your class special?

All my classes, either Vinyasa, Hatha or Yin will be a beautiful blend of the movement or stillness (yin) of the body, as a deep way to access your inner landscape. As you move and open the body, I will guide you on an inner journey of self-inquiry and contemplation. Best way is to join and give it a try!

What is your favorite yoga posture and why?

I love pretty much all backbends as a full expression of opening myself to the highest vibration energy of all, LOVE. I love inversions, handstands and forearm balance as a way to PLAY, to connect with my always present INNER CHILD. I love the TRANSITIONS between poses; change is constant and finding grace in transitions is a way to honor that.

What is your least favorite yoga posture?

Revert triangle; somehow my body still doesn’t like to go here!

What turns you on mentally or physically about Yoga?

It’s the key I found to access my home within myself and to express my creativity into the world. Yoga chose me, I chose yoga, it couldn’t have been any other way!